Panel Blinds

Glide Panel Blinds
  • Panel blinds are ideal for large openings and can create dramatic statements.
  • Panel blinds are effective for controlling light and glare and provide protection from the sun and privacy if so required.
  • Panels from 40cm to 120cm glide on an aluminium track.
  • They stack one behind the other and can be made up of various fabrics, including woven wood.
  • Panels can be made up by combining different fabrics with the help of wooden accents.
  • The range of stacking options are left, right or centre for movement flexibility.
  • Headrails are available in 3, 5 or 6 channels.
Vertical Panel Blinds
  • Vertical Panel blinds combines the elegance of panels with the practicality of vertical blinds.
  • The panels of 250mm width are joined vertically using 50mm Basswood slatting and thereby giving the blind a fresh and very modern look.
  • The Vertical Panel blind comes standard with wooden accents on the top and bottom of each slat.
  • The wooden accents can be selected from the basswood selection or any of the over 1000 colours in the plascon range.
  • The design of the blind allows the blind to rotate 180 degrees that is controlled via wand or cord.
  • The cover of the headrail is limited due to the width of the rotating slat.
  • Headrails are available in five different colour variations.