Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds
  • Aluminium Venetian blinds are available in 25 or 50mm slats.
  • Perforated options add a high tech finish and are the perfect accessory to the latest kitchens with their steel appliances and chrome or gold fittings.
  • They are virtually fade resistant, giving you blinds that will last for a long time.
  • Aluminium Venetian blinds are supplied with colour co-ordinated head and bottom rail, ladder string and cords.
  • Venetian blinds are manufactured for light control.
  • Aluminium venetian blinds can be motorised from a wall switch, remote control or home automation system.
Wood Venetian Blinds
  • Wood Venetian blinds has a valance that match the slats that covers the head rail, ladder string and cords are colour co-ordinated.
Custom Wood Venetian Blinds
  • Custom Wood Venetian blinds allow you to colour code your blinds to over 1000 colours from the Plascon range to match your décor or walls.
  • Each slat is cut, cured and hand painted and then assembled with the finest quality Plascon eco friendly paints.
  • Then there is the ladder tape range to add extra flair to your design.
  • The Slats are made from 3mm thick Basswood.
  • Slats are pre-finished on a multiple pass production line and coated to maximise UV Stablilty and moisture resistance.
Plaswood/ Simuwood
  • Simuwood and Wood Illusion blinds is versatile, durable and timeless.
  • Plaswood Composite material both wood and plastic - Ideal for high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight- it's an economical alternative to wood.
Lumi Plisse Blinds
  • Pleated blinds are elegant, sleek and functional.
  • These blinds are ideal for our weather in South Africa as it keeps the heat outside during summer and inside during winter time.
  • They have low thermal conductivity and is ideal for insulation.
  • These blinds are very versatile due to the way they operate. These blinds can be operated by pull cords, a handle or motorised for your convenience.
  • The Pleated blinds can be designed to seamlessly fit any unusual window, including arches.
Honeycomb Blinds
  • Honeycomb blinds are pleated blinds made up of two or more layers joined at the pleats to form cellular compartments.
  • The Honeycomb blinds are one of the most energy-efficient and sound absorbent blinds due to their cellular construction.
  • Honeycomb provides unparalleled insulation properties as the cellular fabric creates air pockets that reduce heat transmission.
  • When closed they offer full privacy and can open for an unobstructed view by stacking high and compressing to just a few centimeters.
  • Honeycomb blinds have low thermal conductivity and is ideal for insulation.
  • These blinds can be operated by pull cords, a handle or motorised for your convenience.
  • Skylight blinds can be supplied with a wand for hand operation or motorised.
Lumi Vela Blinds
  • Lumi Vela Blinds is designed with sheer material suspended horizontally on either side of fabric slats.
  • Lumi Vela blinds can softly diffuse sunlight in a room.
  • The blind is easy to clean as the fabrics is 100% anti-static polyester material that resist dust, dirt and stains.