• The Shutter collection is available in a range of different systems, colours and finishes.
  • Shutters can be adapted to the unique shapes for conservatories and glass roofs.
  • Shutters can be fitted to angles, rounds or arched doors and windows.
Wooden Shutters
  • The Wooden shutters are for internal usage only.
  • Wooden shutters are available in a variety of colours and grain finishes to suit your requirements.
  • The Phoenix Wood also known as Kiri Wood is used in the manufacture of wooden shutters.
  • This wood is lightweight and strong, it dries easily and has a beautiful grain finish and does not warp, crack or deform easily.
  • Kiri Wood has a natural resistance to wood borer and also easily adapts to a wide range of temperatures.
  • Specially formulated paint was developed for the wooden shutters.
  • This allows you to choose from over 1000 different colours in the Plascon range.
Aluminium Shutters
  • The Aluminium Shutters are available for interior and exterior usage.
  • Aluminium Shutters are steam, heat and moisture resistant.
  • The aluminium shutters are manufactured to the highest quality and standards with chip resistant powder coated aluminium.
  • The Shutter has a top and bottom bolt locking set that can be used for additional protection.
  • Available in anodised silver and white.
Hinged Shutters
  • The Hinged Shutter consist of one or more rectangular shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations.
Bypass Shutters
  • The Bypass Shutter require the use of a top and bottom track, with the option of recessing the bottom track.
Bi-Fold Shutters
  • The Bi-Fold Shutter require the use of a top and bottom track and can be confirgured for doors and windows.